30-Minute Project Discussion

Please note that the free 30 minute project discussions are for discussing projects you may have for us: identifying needs, scope of work, educational plan development, etc. They are not free consulting sessions or plan review services.* 

*If you have a simple question or would like to have Alex do a cursory review of a plan, please email him directly ([email protected]) or use the submit a question pageAssuming the question is small in scope you should have a reply within 3-5 business days (and often much sooner). 

Our aim is not to monetize every interaction, but scheduled one-on-one sessions can become very scarce. 

We try to follow the immutable law of successful businesses, you can have:

  • High quality
  • Fast results
  • Low cost (or in this case, no cost)

But you only get to pick two of the three (and we don’t do low quality here).

Thank you for your understanding.