Our Pricing

Our Pricing

One on One online Consulting/Training
$300 Per 1 hr Session
$400 Per 1.5 hr Session
$500 Per 2 hr Session
Live training

See our live training page for pricing!

On-Site Consulting/Training

Prices include ALL expenses (including travel).

$5,500 1 Day on-site
$8,000 2 Day on-site
$11,000 3 Day on-site
$14,000 4 Day on-site

With our apologies:

Due to a spike in demand for consulting services, designs continue to be taken on a case-by-case basis.  In an effort to expand capacity, we have taken on a part-time project manager who will handle client communication for those jobs we do take on. In these situations the finalized designs will continue to be done by Alex.

There will still be cases where we cannot take on the work. When that is the case we are happy to recommend someone we trust- people Alex has trained and worked with for many years (some of whom are people Alex goes to with his own questions). Just use the submit a question tool linked here and describe your needs (be sure to include a location).

HVAC Contractors with design needs should reach out directly, we are still able to schedule hourly design reviews and assistance.

Manual J, S, and D $1150 + $0.39 Per square ft over 2,500

Reducing On-site cost:

Most of the first day’s cost is travel expenses (including missed work hours) which is why the cost per day goes down with multiple days. Considering that, here are two ways to reduce this cost:

  • Be lucky enough to live in the Northeast, particularly New England or parts of New York. Contact us for a custom quote if this is the case.
  • Look for a live date near you. Adding dates when I will already be in town are at a discount. Fair warning: this may not help once the plane tickets are purchased which usually happens within 30 days of the event.
  • Share the cost: Customers in the past have partnered with local distributor to “Host” a class (prepay it and charge the attendees directly) and share the cost of multiple days.