Angry Ed J.

“The first class I took that was taught by Alex Meaney was about 14 years ago, it was OK. He’s gotten a lot better since then. Sincerely Edward Janowiak”

Happy Ed J.

I have taken a lot of system design classes over the years; some are better than others. Let’s face it, it’s not a very exciting topic. It is however a very necessary topic and when the presenter can keep you engaged, the learning can happen. Alex has figured it out, on both the technical part and the entertainment part. I can’t think of a better person to recommend for taking a software-based design class.

Eric W.

I learned how to use Wrightsoft from Alex when I first started in the industry. I was completely new to the field and industry. Alex was able to explain how to use the program and create a Manual J load calculation to someone who was a complete novice. I took what I learned in the first class and built on that in the field…
…I appreciate Alex’s direct manner when dealing with concerns and teaching. I never felt like he was giving me the runaround, or talking about something I didn’t necessarily need. I would encourage anyone who is looking for clear, correct, and fast results to use Alex’s skills.

Jerry N.

I have been working with Manual J, S, and D for about 10 years and used to use the canned training videos until I actually took a couple of Alex’s classes. While listening to the class in my home office, my wife was also listening and she kept making comments like, I like that guy when he adds humor with his lessons. I plan to take the class in Chicago if he can be in the western berbs of Chicago. Love the man and his talent.

Luke P.

Alex has a nice beard and a generally pleasant disposition. He also knows his material thoroughly and can articulate difficult information in an accessible manner so that many can understand it.
Don’t be afraid of his last name! He’s no money.

Reagan M.

Alex is a big sexy hunk of awesomeness. I want to crawl inside his beard and live there. (That’s what he wrote, folks…)