2-Day Residential HVAC Design Class with Wrightsoft

How to prepare for class & what to expect

We like video around here, so here’s a short video message from me with a few things to know before class (it’s also a good example of the type of content you’ll have access to after class):

If you’re not the video type, here’s the highlights:


• Class is 8am-5pm unless otherwise indicated.
• You need to bring a computer with Wrightsoft’s Right Suite Universal already on it.
• The free demo mode is fine.
• Don’t forget your power cord.
• Try to bring a mouse if you have one.
• Snacks, water, coffee, and lunch will be provided. 
• If you need help installing there’s a video for that too: 

If you’ve never used the software before and would like an early introduction before class, you can watch this video:

List of topics to be covered:


The class will cover “the big three”- Manuals J, S and D, plus:
• Setting up templates and libraries
• Tricks for identifying insulation values in the field (without x-ray vision)
• Using the PDF and CAD import features to trace a plan
• Tips and shortcuts for easier and faster drawing.
• Multi-story and multi-system design
• Why performance data from AHRI is useless for cooling system selection.
• Using RSU’s automated Manual S and how to use manufacturer data to do the same
• How/why Manual D is backwards (but right)
• Both trunk and branch and flex designs
• Tips for keeping duct sizes under control

Looking forward to seeing you in class!