The HVAC Design Academy

The HVAC Design Academy

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On-demand HVAC Design Training using Wrightsoft software from Alex Meaney

More than ACCA manual training. More than software training. Blended training- learn the important concepts from the manuals and the real-world skills of designing a system without pencil and paper.

Key features:  

  • In-depth training is broken into lessons ranging from 20 minutes to 2 hours.
    • Time spent on each subject is based on the time it takes to properly cover the topic, not fixed times from recorded live sessions or corporate-dictated limits.
  • A growing searchable library of short “explainer” videos on specific topics.
    • Submit your own questions for explainers!
  • Access to useful documents like design checklists and survey documents.
  • Regular live-streaming events for real-time Q&A.
    • At least one-morning session and one evening session each month.
    • Archive of previous live streams.