Sample Course Contents

Chapter 1 The Boring Stuff
Section 1-1: Setting up the look and feel, starting your first template (0:43)
Section 1-2: Template continued, indoor and outdoor temperatures (1:46)
Section 1-3: Template completed, building materials, duct loads, etc… (2:17)
Section 1 Addendum: Loose ends- sharing things you set up, small changes, manual adjustments (0:14)

Section 2 Manual J Loads
Section 2-1: Starting a project and Right-Draw basics (2:00)
Section 2-2: Using the CAD and PDF Features (0:54)
Section 2-3: Drawing the First Floor (Example Plan) (00:58)
Section 2-Optional: Opening a file, recovering a lost file (0:19)
Section 2-4: Editing the first floor (1:47) (There’s a good mistake in this one. I’m leaving it for now.)
Section 2-5: Window tricks and misc. shortcuts (0:46)
Section 2-6: The Second Floor and Drawing Loose Ends (1:27)
Section 2-7: The Finishing Touches- a Completed Load Calculation (1:51)
Section 2-8: The Load Meter and Double-Checking the Load (0:44)
Section 2-Extra: Basements (0:44)

Section 3 Manual S Equipment Selection
Section 3-1: Equipment Selection and Manual S (1:21)

Section 4 Manual D Duct Design
Section 4-0: Understanding Manual D- It’s Backwards (0:50)
Section 4-1: External Static Pressure, Pressure Losses, and Available Static Pressure (1:12)
Section 4-2: Duct Preferences- Materials, Options, and Fittings (1:30)
Section 4-3 Preparing the Drawing for Duct Design (0:39)
Section 4-4a Drawing the Duct System (Attic) (1:06)
Section 4-4b Drawing the Duct System (Basement) (0:45)
Section 4-5 Troubleshooting the Duct System (0:52)